SilviaTerra is growing and our team has just expanded with two additional members  - Ryan Barrett and Cassidy Hopson.

Ryan Barrett is one of our Data Scientists on the Data Engineering team. Ryan joins Henry Rodman and the rest of the org to expand Basemap into a smooth, reliable, well-oiled factory that eats satellite imagery and timber cruise data and spits out predictions.

Ryan is the stereotypical Silicon Valley techie who got religion around climate and wants to do his part. He spent the first half of his career learning how to build and run large systems at Google, then joined a couple startups in enterprise and biotech and "wore all the hats" - ops, security, compliance, data science, app development, and leadership. He's excited to bring that startup experience to SilviaTerra, learning forestry and GIS from the experts and counting all the trees!

Cassidy Hopson has joined the marketing team as our Marketing Coordinator, helping to keep the marketing machine moving as we work to deliver a great brand experience for our customers. If you see us at an event or read a social post, you are viewing Cassidy’s handiwork in action. As someone who is mission-driven at heart and who wields organization as a secret superpower, we are excited to have her as one of the newest SilviaTerrans.

Prior to joining SilviaTerra, Cassidy wrote for outlets such as Jacksonville Magazine and The Independent Florida Alligator. She has also worked in a marketing capacity for the healthcare, career services and animal welfare industries.

Cassidy is a graduate of the University of Florida. She currently resides in Central Florida but is a Jacksonville native at heart. In her free time, you can find her reading at the beach, watching Gator football or cuddling with her two rescue guinea pigs.