One of the best features of SilviaTerra’s Plot Hound and Canopy cruising systems is that they are constantly evolving and getting better. We recently enhanced our volume estimates by giving users more control over how their volumes are calculated. We wanted to provide more transparency in how we work up our cruise volumes and added some new features that we think you all will find useful. We have put together a 4 part blog series where we go through some of the biggest improvements.

One of the most significant improvement we have made is that we have overhauled the way we handle topwood volumes. Now when setting up merch specs you are able to define topwood products. These products will be just like any other product in your merch specs where you can assign min and max diameters, top diameters, minimum log length, and species. In our volumizing system, the portion of the tree above the last product and the total height will be processed into the appropriate topwood product. To get this option to work, make sure you have selected the Merchandize Topwood option at the top of the merch spec form.


If you need any help getting things set up, feel free to join our Friday webinars. We hold them at 4 EST at and there is no need to preregister. Also, keep an eye out for more instructional videos on Canopy.