One of the best features of SilviaTerra’s Plot Hound and Canopy cruising systems is that they are constantly evolving and getting better. In our previous post in this series we went through some of the volume estimation methods we have made available. In this last post of the series we will conclude with some new report outputs.

We added a new scaled pile output table to our volume report that shows the output from our merchandizing system. For each tree in the cruise users can now see what product was called and whether or not our algorithm altered it. This can occur if the field call doesn’t meet the product dimensions in the cruise’s merch specs. This output will also show the product length and volume calculated. We think this will be valuable since it will easily allow users to identify data that needs to be corrected.


If you need any help getting things set up, feel free to join our Friday webinars. We hold them at 4 EST at and there is no need to preregister. Also, keep an eye out for more instructional videos on Canopy.