One of the best features of SilviaTerra’s Plot Hound and Canopy cruising systems is that they are constantly evolving and getting better. In the last post of this series we went over some of the topwood changes that we have implemented, and in this post we will discuss updates to Plot Hound that allow for multiple product calls per tree.

With the recent deployment of the of Plot Hound V6, we now allow cruisers to collect multiple products per tree. During the cruise set up process, we added any additional option for a Cruise Protocol and one of the options is Multi Product Protocol. If this is chosen then in Plot Hound you can record multiple segments per tree, which each segment having a length and product.


If you need any help getting things set up, feel free to join our Friday webinars. We hold them at 4 EST at and there is no need to preregister. Also, keep an eye out for more instructional videos on Canopy.