One of the best features of SilviaTerra’s Plot Hound and Canopy cruising systems is that they are constantly evolving and getting better. In our last post we talked about how you can now collect multiple product information during cruises. In this third post we are going to cover some new volume estimation options.

We have gotten a lot of requests for Form Class volume support and we are happy to say we have now added it. In your mech specs we have added a Volume Source option that allows users to choose between SilviaTerra’s volume calculations and several form class options. We are currently supporting the form classes 66, 72, 74, 76, 78, and 80 for doyle, international, and scribner. If there are any other tables you would like to see we would love to hear about them. Just send us an email at


If you need any help getting things set up, feel free to join our Friday webinars. We hold them at 4 EST at and there is no need to preregister. Also, keep an eye out for more instructional videos on Canopy.