SilviaTerra's Forest Technologist Charlie Wade recently spoke at the Virginia Forestry Association's Forestry Summit. Charlie spoke about creating regional Cruise Data Co-ops for using historic plot data to gain efficiencies in forest inventory work.


Typically, we foresters start from scratch each time we cruise a new stand. We're unable to use similar cruise data from nearby properties to adjust and optimize our sampling - we start all over again each time we tackle a new project

Cruise Data Co-ops let you rethink this approach - the data you collect becomes part of a shared cruise data library. Paired with remote-sensing and other statistical techniques, this pooled cruise data can create serious efficiencies for everyone in the co-op.

Cruise Data Co-ops are just one of the many tools we're building to support America's foresters. If you dream about advancing the state of forest biometrics, we would love to hear from you! Drop us a line at