This week, SilviaTerra founder Max Nova spoke at the 2017 SOFOR GIS conference held at the University of Georgia.

The SOFOR GIS conference was buzzing with energy and excitement around advances in GIS and remote sensing. Max's talk was focused on separating the hype from reality when it comes to forest inventory technologies. He discussed the cost + loss framework for evaluating different technologies in the context of operational forest decision-making. Building on Professor Chris Cieszewski's keynote address on "data fusion" in forest inventory, Max presented some examples of how CruiseBoost automatically performs data fusion on publicly available remote-sensing datasets, resulting in better inventories with fewer plots. The presentation also included a live demo of the Plot Hound and Canopy data collection and reporting systems.

And as always, it was great to catch up with many long-time Plot Hound users. We're looking forward to seeing everyone again at the next SOFOR GIS in 2019!