We are excited to share that in the past couple months SilviaTerra sponsored two important conferences in the climate solution space, the 2020 Sustainable Innovation Forum and the VERGE GreenBiz 2020 Conference. These events were a great way to wrap up the year!

Sustainable Innovation Forum

In November, SilviaTerra was excited to sponsor the Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF), a conference which facilitates connections that forge the cross sector partnerships required to address climate change and accelerate the transition to a net-zero economy. The purpose of the conference is to maintain momentum to COP26 for the Net-Zero transition.

SilviaTerra’s CEO, Zack Parisa, spoke on the “Land Use & Agriculture” day, explaining to listeners the importance of accelerating the role of nature-based solutions to make better, data-driven decisions around climate action. Zack spoke right before Governor of California Gavin Newsom, who discussed what a Biden Administration means for California’s fight against climate change and the importance of making climate action a bipartisan issue.

In addition, Zack spoke on a panel about “Data-Based and Nature-Based Solutions” with fellow panelists Maximo Torero (UN FAO Chief Economist), Dr. Musonda Mumba (UN Environment Programme Chief of Terrestrial Ecosystems Unit) and Will Marshall (CEO of Planet Labs).

Check out the short video below exploring how SilviaTerra's Natural Capital Exchange (NCAPX) creates real, immediate, scalable, and efficient (RISE) climate impact by mobilizing every landowner and every acre to be part of the climate solution.

VERGE GreenBiz 2020:

In addition to SIF, SilviaTerra was proud to sponsor the GreenBiz Group VERGE Carbon 2020 Conference in October, an online event focused on accelerating the clean economy.

CEO Zack Parisa spoke on the “New Markets and Technologies to Save America’s Forests panel alongside other awesome panelists including Allison Wolff (CEO of Vibrant Planet), Nathan Truitt (VP of Strategic Partnerships of The American Forest Foundation), Josiah Hunt (CEO of Pacific Biochar) and Zach Knight (Co-founder and CEO of Blue Forest Conservation).

The short video below is another look into our NCAPX solution that Zack spoke about at VERGE:

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