SilviaTerra is pleased to announce the release of a public Git repository, ‘forestsamplr’. This repository, found here:
is a public, collaborative R package containing code for forest measurement data for a variety of sampling frameworks.

Our goal is for this to be a code base that’s maintained and improved by the forest inventory and biometrics community at large. We are excited to have started this repository and will maintain it for the foreseeable future - but we invite anyone who wishes to join us in its continual improvement. We’re joining forces with the SAF A1 Inventory and Biometrics Working Group to circulate this code and push this forward.

How can you contribute?

  1. Use the package! Install it, play with the functions, consider what else you’d like to see.

  2. Open Git issues to track anything you see that seems like a place for improvement.

  3. See something you’d like to change or add? Make a branch, do some dev to modify, improve, or change things, and then open a pull request!

  4. Add test coverage! We’d love to see more comprehensive testing than what we’ve started out with.