Forests can be an important natural climate solution.  Yet policymakers and corporate carbon credit buyers often struggle to evaluate which forest carbon projects are credible and which are not.

Cut through the jargon and hype with SilviaTerra's Forests and Carbon: A Guide for Buyers and Policymakers.  This "plain English" document lays out a simple "RISE" framework for evaluating forest carbon strategies:

  • Real - does it increase the amount of carbon on the landscape compared to what landowners were likely to do without the project?
  • Immediate - does it increase carbon on the landscape this year or decades in the future?
  • Scalable - can every landowner participate or just a select few?
  • Efficient - what is the present climate benefit per dollar of present cost?

The document also provides a brief overview of timber economics so that readers can understand the timber-centric incentives that drive much of forest management today.

Click here to download SilviaTerra's "Forests and Carbon: A Guide for Buyers and Policymakers."

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