That's a wrap! We just finished up our All-Hands meeting in Seattle, WA. Because we're a totally remote company, every few months we rent a house and all get together to work on new development projects and get some in-person time with each other.


Our team of seven (and a half!) plus our two summer interns getting a view of the Space Needle and Mount Rainier

This past week, we made improvements to our biometrics codebase and got the new version of Plot Hound prepped for public launch. We also scheduled out the rest of our 2017 - lots of exciting developments in carbon assessment, open-source forestry tools, and growth modeling coming over the rest of 2017.


Mission success - we escaped the room at Locurio!

We had a great time at All-Hands and our team is growing all the time. Interested in helping us build the future of forestry? Check our jobs page for details.